Kobo eBook Reader Review

Kobo eBook Reader

The quilted back makes the Kobo comfortable to hold.

Lack of Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity does not allow for downloading of books directly to the eReader.

The Verdict:
The Kobo is a good choice for an eReader if you want the basics and not the bells and whistles found in most eReaders.


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Product Description

Sometimes simplicity is what matters most and with the Kobo eReader, simple is exactly what the user receives. Kobo allows the reader to do what they enjoy most: read. It is designed to make the reader get lost in a book and avoid the distractions other eBook readers make from their additional features.

The Kobo’s design is targeted toward readers who want to feel as if they are reading a book and the e-Ink display makes it feel as if they truly are. This eBook reader features a 6-inch display screen with no backlight, glare or reflection that makes reading outside an enjoyable experience. It also offers options for the size and type of font used. The option for serif or sans serif styles is available along with five different sizes. The Kobo has 8 grey scale screen levels to choose from which makes reading on a display screen easier on the eyes.

A feature that complements the user’s experience is the quilted back. This makes holding the Kobo more natural than holding many other eBook reading devices. To navigate your way around the Kobo, a D-pad is located on the front for easy navigation which is unique for an eReader.

Kobo allows you to download content to your eReader and organise your library to fit your liking. You can sort your reading material by title, most recently read, author and books you are currently reading. The Kobo eReader comes preloaded with one hundred free eBooks and the Borders Desktop App so you can shop for eBooks. It also supports ePUB, PDF and Adobe DRm formats.



Memory/Battery Life
Up to 1,000 titles can be loaded on the Kobo because of the 1GB of memory on the device. The Kobo features an SD slot so a card up to 4GB can be included for additional memory. This is not a lot of memory available and is less than the Nook or Kindle. One advantage of not having the internet capabilities and multimedia features is the longer battery life. Two weeks can pass by or 8,000 pages can be turned before it will need to recharge.

Additional Features
Even though the Kobo is comprised mainly of the basic features of an eBook reader, it does offer some unique features that enhance the eReading experience. The Kobo has the ability to sync wirelessly with some selected smartphones. This device has USB port and Bluetooth but no Wi-Fi or 3G capabilities. Everything must be synced and downloaded using a USB because of the lack of 3G and Wi-Fi.

The device does offer some features to make reading smoother and more enjoyable. The Kobo counts how many pages are left in a chapter and displays it at the bottom of the screen. Also, when you turn off your Kobo eReader the cover of the last book you read is displayed. It makes you feel like you truly closed a tangible book.

Even though the Kobo is bare when it comes to advanced features, it is a great option for those who just want to sit back and read. Forgetting the distractions caused by the internet and other applications, the Kobo eReader simply gives you want you want.









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