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There are numerous reasons why both debut and published authors join FIRSTeBook but the most popular reason is that writers want to see their work on the shelf and in the marketplace with the minimum of fuss. Furthermore, they want to see their book for sale in weeks rather than the years it can take to publish a printed edition through conventional methods.

Whilst sales and royalties are of extreme importance it appears that most debut authors are initially more concerned with the acknowledgement that they have become a published author. It’s not really surprising as they may have spent months or years on their work and to finally see it up there in lights on the world’s largest online book stores is an achievement to be proud of.

When it comes to published authors who have previously published through conventional means, almost all have a horror story to tell about the publishers they or their friends ended up with.

Publishing any kind of manuscript can be one of the biggest nightmares for authors. After all the effort of completing you work you now have to try to find an agent or publisher and no matter which route you take it appears the road is paved with sorrow.

Probably one of the biggest scams run by many conventional paper edition publishers is that they tell you that your manuscript is fantastic, it’s going to sell really well, possibly a movie, all they need is a few thousand just to kick the marketing off.

Six months or a year later you have sold less than a handful of copies and you’re wondering where all your marketing budget was spent. In other words you realise that you have in fact been ripped off and your book has rarely seen the light of day since you handed over the manuscript and the cash.

From the publishers point of  view it’s a can’t lose scenario. All they have to do is to go through the motions of selling your book to justify the money you handed over. In reality of course they have probably spent less than 10% of what you handed over with the rest being trousered or simply wasted. On the off chance that you really do have a best seller and someone bright enough actually sees it then of course the publisher makes another load of money with a chunk of undeserved royalties.

FIRSTeBook - How We Operate

There are a number of significant ways that  FIRSTeBook differ from the majority of publishing companies but undoubtedly the most important difference is that with FIRSTeBook you can have your manuscript published in digital editions and marketed world wide via the largest bookstores on the planet without paying a single penny...

At FIRSTeBook we believe that if we don’t manage to sell your book then we don’t deserve any money. On the other hand, if we do manage to sell your book then we do deserve some money and that is the founding principle as to how we operate our business.

Once FIRSTeBook accept your manuscript for publishing and you grant us distribution rights then you will be viewing digital editions of your book for sale on the worlds largest online book stores including Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and Amazon within a few weeks.

Submitting You Work To FIRSTeBook

Submitting you work to FIRSTeBook is relatively straight forward. All we require is the 1st chapter and a synopsis of the story line. You can submit by e-mail in almost any form of Word or TXT document and you will get a reply within a day or two to confirm that we have received your manuscript and are now giving it consideration. Make sure you provide us with your name and contact details when you send in your work.

When it comes to submitting you work don’t be worried if it isn’t perfect as we will still be able to make a determination. Just go ahead and submit, after all, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

For more information on submissions check out the Q & A’s section.

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What Happens After You Submit Your Manuscript To FIRSTeBook

Depending on our workload, it can take 7 to 21 days before we can complete our review and give you a reply as to whether we would like to publish your work or not. The average wait is ten days.

If we decline to publish all copies of your manuscript will be erased from our systems.

If we decide that we would like to publish your work then you will be offered a Digital Publication Agreement from FIRSTeBook Digital Services to sell digital editions of your work worldwide in return for a share of the royalties.

Should you accept our offer (almost everybody does) then FIRSTeBook Digital Services will become your publisher and you will immediately be entered into our worldwide marketing program for digital media.





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