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When it comes to ePublishing your manuscript there are two main options for you on FIRSTeBook:

Writing a book is a major achievement, now the next step is getting it published. To begin with you need to weight up the merits of conventional publishing against ePublishing.

The average time between completing a manuscript and actually having a printed version in the shops can be anything from 1 year to 18 months; that’s assuming you actually have an agent or a publisher already.

What if you don’t have an agent or a publisher?

Well then it’s a different kettle of fish as your manuscript may never see the light of day. It can takes years to find an agent or publisher that is interested in your work, that’s assuming you ever find an agent or publisher that is interested in your work.

What about Vanity Publishing

Vanity publishing falls into two main categories. The first category is for authors who simply desire to have a few printed copies of their book to provide to family and friends.

The second category is for authors who believe that their book will sell and are prepared to invest the money to cover the publishing costs to bring their book to the marketplace.

What can happen with publishers

Let me make it simple, I have an author client who completed a novel in 2007. He went with a large American publisher who made a lot of promises that weren’t kept. The publisher barely promoted the book, failed to print the final edited version and published with over 50 typo’s, wrong blurb and to add insult to injury they even got his name wrong.

Wait for it, the publishers didn’t pay him anything, in fact he paid out over $2,000 to the publishers towards marketing and getting the show on the road. After three years of marketing by the publishers the sale count stands at 17 books.

Now the question is, do you really want to go down that road?

Will ePublishing work for me?

I’m going to make my case for epublishing very simple. I completed the final edit on my latest book on the 23rd December 2010. The following day, Christmas eve, I found the time to put some prepared photos into Photoshop and within a few hours I had a completed jacket and publicity photos that I was happy with.

Christmas day I enjoyed with my family and on boxing day I created an ebook to all the standard formats such as Lit, ePub, PDF, HTML and Txt.

On the 28th December I uploaded the finished ebook into my account at FIRSTeBook. My ebook “The Journey” is now available world wide in leading book stores including Barnes & Noble and a Kindle Edition exclusively at Amazon.

It took less than 7 days to publish my ebook on the largest online bookstores in the world. In the new year my ebook was available for download in other popular formats at the worlds leading ebook platforms including FIRSTeBook.

I rest my case...


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